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Online Business Administration Program Overview | ALU

Abraham Lincoln University has added new undergraduate programs to complement its flagship school of law program. One of the programs just added for online distance learning is Business Administration, with associate and bachelor’s degree programs available.

What Are Business Administration Programs?

Business Administration programs provide practical and theoretical education in a wide array of business subjects. Students who study in the Business Administration program at ALU will receive exposure to all of the functional areas of business, ranging from management (human resources, etc.) to finance and marketing.

A degree is business is preferred by many companies seeking employees in today’s competitive market. The knowledge provided in a Business Administration program gives a good base for entry-level employment in a number of business areas.

Business Administration Degree Jobs

Degrees in Business Administration prepare students for jobs in the following areas:

  • Private corporations: For the corporate world to run smoothly its best asset must be its employees. From human resources management to marketing, companies need experienced and educated business professionals.
  • Small business: The world of small business needs experienced and educated professionals to help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams, and a degree in Business Administration can help those with a great idea build businesses smartly and soundly.
  • Non-profit organizations: The non-profit world needs human resources management, marketing, finance and other professionals as well.

Business Administration Degree Levels

At Abraham Lincoln University, the Business Administration program is available at two levels.

  • Associate: The associate degree program, an introductory program taken over two years (60 semester credit hours), provides a basic overview of business coursework as well as grounding in general education requirements. The associate can be helpful to those who are already employed to gain knowledge and achieve promotion, and as a building block for the full bachelor’s program.
  • Bachelor’s: The bachelor’s degree program continues and deepens the study begun in the associate degree program with four full years of coursework in a wide range of business areas. This is the degree required by many employers for entry-level employment.

For more information on the Business Administration programs available from Abraham Lincoln University, visit www.alu.edu.

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