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Mission & Vision

We are proud of the differences between ALU and traditional schools. Online education means more flexibility, more individual attention, and lower costs, broadening the demographics we are able to serve through our school. 

In an online distance learning program, the world is your campus. Students are able to study any time and from anywhere as long as they have access to the internet, leaving them free to tend to their other responsibilities in life. Learning materials, including recorded lectures, are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Live lectures are dynamic and hands-on, creating engaging experiences with professors and peers that few online universities can match. 

Mission & Vision

ALU’s mission is to provide accessible, career-focused, and lifelong learning opportunities to students at the undergraduate and graduate level. ALU aims to be a leader in online education for a global learning community.

Institutional Objectives

  • Conducting academic and business operations in an open, collaborative and ethical manner.
  • Facilitating accessibility and affordability for a diverse and non-traditional student body.
  • Incorporating quality into educational activities and support services that meet or exceed standards set by accrediting and regulatory bodies.
  • Embedding a practitioner’s perspective into the curriculum with a focus on the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed for entry or progression in occupations or fields of study.
  • Offering a dynamic, technology-based distance education environment that expands access to postsecondary education and engages students in a rich, multimedia learning experience.
  • Developing competence in communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and information utilization to enhance opportunities for sustained career success.
  • Providing clear learning outcomes, timely feedback and assessment to promote student course content mastery.
  • Engaging in a constant process of continuous improvement through policy and course and program outcomes assessment to promote student mastery of program and course objectives, retention and graduation.

Institutional Learning Objectives

The Institutional Learning Objectives (ILOs) are those skills, values, ideas, and qualities that the University believes are important for all students.  The curriculum is built on a series of measurable objectives designed to produce competent, life-long learners ready to contribute to the global community. These objectives are grouped into five categories including Critical Thinking, Diversity, Accountability, Continuous Improvement, and Information Literacy.

ILO’sUpon completion of a program in their field of study, graduates of Abraham Lincoln University will be able to:
ILO 1: Critical ThinkingDevelop and apply critical thinking skills in the application of knowledge to real-world situations.
ILO 2: DiversityEvaluate situations and use decision-making skills in order to work, serve and lead effectively in a diverse world.
ILO 3: AccountabilityDevelop and recognize appreciation for ethics and integrity.
ILO 4: Continuous ImprovementExhibit development of core competencies in their fields of study.
ILO 5: Information LiteracyDemonstrate acquired information literacy skills and show competency in use of technology to achieve objectives.

L.E.A.D Values

ALU’s L.E.A.D. values (Leadership, Excellence, Accountability, and Diversity) shape how we work together to implement our vision with our students and each other.


We seek to develop leadership by encouraging vision, inspiring continuous improvement, and recognizing how members of our community are making an impact in innovative and valuable ways.


We take ownership and hold ourselves accountable to initiatives and implementation of goals, demonstrating integrity in how we speak and act with others.


We view diversity of thought and action as a strength that allows a community to transcend organizational and geographical boundaries and expect members of our community to treat people with respect and dignity.


We commit ourselves to excellence in academics and public service, prioritizing our community’s passion for excellence within our outcomes.

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Explore how ALU’s online distance education courses can work for you. As one of the top distance education universities in California for non-traditional students, our Admissions team has the information you need to help you with your application and succeed with our school. Additional information is available for those who seek transfer credit or want to study at ALU as an international student.

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