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Chairman & Founder

At Abraham Lincoln University, we are proud to support today’s working adults in their educational goals through online learning.

When I founded the University in 1996, my admiration of Abraham Lincoln himself inspired the school's name. Lincoln's success earning an education, despite difficult circumstances, was the inspiration I chose to use as the foundation for the university's mission. My own journey as a student was full of struggles. Along the way, I had financial and health challenges, as well as difficulty balancing my obligations to my family with my studies. So when I began work as an educator, my mission was to teach the principles of the law which inspired gratitude for my country and to create more opportunities for non-traditional students.

I observed that traditional on-campus universities were unable to provide working professionals with the necessary flexibility to earn their degree. ALU’s classes are completely online, hosted live or pre-recorded, encouraging engagement with professors and peers and flexible to provide a much-needed work/ life balance. I also observed that many of today’s working adults have completed previous coursework that never cumulated into a formal degree. ALU will evaluate a student’s prior course credits, and or military training, to see what transfer credits may be awarded towards completing a degree. This process allows students to complete a degree quicker, depending on their previous work, so that they can add their accomplishments to their professional resume.

In the School of Law, students take just one course at a time towards earning their Juris Doctor, allowing them to concentrate on a single subject per semester. ALU encourages its law school students to utilize the peer mentoring program for advice from successful students on study tips and overall encouragement.

ALU’s commitment to personal service is genuine. Call us at 213-252-5100 or email Admissions at admissions@alu.edu if you want to learn how ALU can help you meet your educational goals.


Hyung J. Park
Chairman & Founder
Attorney, CPA, MBA, JD