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Please check with the Financial Aid office for the most current scholarship opportunities for prospective and matriculating students. Abraham Lincoln University School of Law also has a number of online law school discounts available to students who meet certain qualifications. Read on to see if you qualify for any of the free scholarships for students below and check out the links provided for more information to aid you in your academic scholarship search.

Federal Scholarship Website: CLICK HERE

Scholarships for California: CLICK HERE

Scholarships for Associates: CLICK HERE

Scholarships for Bachelors: CLICK HERE

Scholarships for Graduate Programs: CLICK HERE

Scholarships for African Americans: CLICK HERE

Scholarships for Hispanic Americans: CLICK HERE

Scholarships for Asian Americans: CLICK HERE

Scholarships for Women: CLICK HERE

*Please note that we do not guarantee that any of these scholarships are valid and are not responsible for the accuracy of the scholarships offered.


Discounts and other free scholarships for students can be discussed with the ALU admissions team. Please call at (213) 252-5100 or email us at Our advisors will be more than happy to assist you in your academic scholarship search.

Law Enforcement Discount
Sworn U.S. law enforcement officers may be eligible for a $1,000 discount for the first year of enrollment. Eligible students may extend their discounts by maintaining a minimum GPA of B or above.

FYLSX Discount
All students passing the First-Year Law Students’ Examination (FYLSX) with an A grade (score of 720 or above out of 800) will receive a $1,000 discount for the second year of enrollment. This may be renewed for enrollment two additional times.

Repeating Course Discounts
Students repeating any upper-level courses due to First Year Law School Exam (FYLSX) failure (not passing the FYLSX within 3 administrations) may receive a 50% discount on the course tuition fee, provided the student had a previous course grade of C or higher.

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