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Complete Programs Faster by Leveraging Your Military Experience

You have been through training and received valuable experience. Now it’s time to apply that to your degree or training credential. There are a few ways to accomplish this that do not always include just using your SMART transcript or pre assigned credit transfer on your Joint Service Training Transcript.

The Fix:

In addition to your earned college credits on your joint services transcript, you can also challenge courses based on your experience and non credit transfer training. One good example here is the use of Microsoft office and Excel. Another example is wireless communications, that can often times be supplemented for large and wide area networks. If you have any industry certifications such as Security + or on the job training that MP’s receive as an example, those may also qualify. When speaking to a member of the University, it is important to outline all training you have done both military and civilian, even if you did not receive a specific credential for completing the training.

Watch for this:

At most universities you will most likely need to seek an appeal to get your training considered seriously. The majority of colleges do not have a large military or veteran population and are not aware of the best practices for your prior training. This is why choosing a University with years of experience in re-training Veterans is important.


We have over 10 years of experience of evaluating military transcripts and training. We also know the importance of leveraging what you already know. For undocumented training, you will simply write about your training and experience and sign up to take a challenge exam. We provide you study guides and pre tests to help you refresh your memory. This is a pain free process that can save you time and money.

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