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Established in 1996, we are one of the oldest online law schools in California and the nation. We pride ourselves on the establishment of a rigorous, quality, online law education that prepares the student for a number of careers with a law degree requirement.

Our Juris Doctor online degree program is designed to be one of the best JD programs for working professionals, providing students with the flexibility they need without sacrificing a quality education. Abraham Lincoln University’s online law degree is ideal for those who want to practice law or enter into one of the many legal fields that a Juris Doctor degree affords. Students will learn the advanced analytical skills necessary to write legal documents, conduct legal research, and evaluate legal issues. Our law school admission requirements include a bachelor’s degree and an online assessment; no LSAT is required.**

Upon successful completion of the Juris Doctor program, graduates from ALU’s online law school will have acquired the knowledge and skills needed to:

  • Understand the theories and principles of law, their qualifications and limitations, and their relationships to each other.
  • Effectively evaluate possible legal issues in personal and professional situations.
  • Engage in legal analysis and problem solving.
  • Develop effective preventative legal strategies.
  • Communicate legal issues in a thorough, organized, and persuasive manner.


I’m especially grateful for ALU’s flexible learning method since without it I wouldn’t have been able to hold such a demanding position while earning my JD.

Christopher Boucher, Esq.
JD cum laude, 2017
Attorney-at-Law — Boucher Law, PC
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Students in the JD program must register as law students with the State Bar of California within 90 days after beginning the study of law. ALU proactively helps its students to master the skills needed to prepare for the First Year Law Students’ Examination (FYLSX, commonly referred to as the “Baby Bar”).

After their experience with the FYLSX, students are typically better prepared to complete the required California Bar Examination (CBX) and Multistate Professional Responsibility Examination (MPRE). Graduates of ALU’s JD program will be eligible to sit for the California Bar Examination (CBX). Upon successful completion of the CBX and the MPRE, receipt of a positive moral character determination, and fulfillment of all other licensing requirements, graduates will be eligible for licensure by the State Bar of California. Admission requirements for the State Bar of California can be found at http://www.calbar.ca.gov/Admissions/Requirements.

ALU is registered with the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California in the unaccredited distance learning school category. ALU School of Law is a comprehensive and completely online Juris Doctor program designed to pave the way for your unique career path and prepare you for the California First Year Law Students’ Examination (FYLSX, commonly referred to as the “Baby Bar”) and the California Bar Examination/CBX.

**Applicants seeking admission or readmission following disqualification for academic reasons must take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), except those who have taken the test prior to their disqualification

The method of instruction at this law school for the Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree program is principally by technological means including interactive classes.

Students enrolled in the J.D. degree program at this law school who successfully complete the first year of law study must pass the First-Year Law Students’ Examination required by Business and Professions Code § 6060(h) and Title 4, Division 1, Chapter 1 Rule 4.3(I) of the of the Rules of the State Bar of California as part of the requirements to qualify to take the California Bar Examination. A student who passes the First-Year Law Students’ Examination within three (3) administrations of the examination after first becoming eligible to take it will receive credit for all legal studies completed to the time the examination is passed. A student who does not pass the examination within three (3) administrations of the examination after first becoming eligible to take it must be promptly disqualified from the law school’s J.D. degree program. If the dismissed student subsequently passes the examination, the student is eligible for re-enrollment in this law school’s J.D. degree program, but will receive credit for only one year of legal study. Study at, or graduation from, this law school may not qualify a student to take the bar examination or to satisfy the requirements for admission to practice in jurisdictions other than California. A student intending to seek admission to practice law in a jurisdiction other than California should contact the admitting authority in that jurisdiction for information regarding the legal education requirements in that jurisdiction for admission to the practice of law.


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