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New Opportunities for Lawyers

In 2010, more than 40,000 people graduated from law school, and without that many openings in traditional legal practices, a large amount of these recent graduates left law school without a job lined up.

As with many employment sectors in today’s tough economic climate, it is tough for new attorneys to find work in the same manner as before. But the tough economy, as well as opportunities flourishing in newly developing sectors of the law, can provide new avenues for recently graduated attorneys and those still in law school looking ahead to passing the bar.

Economic Crisis Law

Some areas of the law are flourishing in opposition to the current economic crisis. In particular, there has been an influx of action, and thus opportunities for new jobs, in these areas:

  • Bankruptcy litigation
  • Civil litigation
  • Employment law
  • Foreclosure law

History has proven that when companies and individuals are faced with difficult financial situations (as with the recent recession), there is a rise in civil litigation. The downsizing of companies leads to employment litigation. During this recent recession, there has been a rise in real estate litigation related to the mortgage crisis. California in particular has been hit hard by the mortgage crisis, increasing the prevalence of real estate litigation.

Jobs in the Legal Service Sector

Many discussions are in place during these tough economic times to increase government funding at the federal, state and local level to provide legal services funding for those who cannot afford the civil legal services they need. Should this legislation and funding pass, there will be openings in the legal service sector for jobs where lawyers help the poor in certain areas:

  • Housing disputes
  • Child custody disputes
  • General civil disputes

Science and Technology Law

Many young lawyers already have an advantage over their older counterparts in technical aptitude, having grown up with computers and the internet as a daily fact of life. These skills can provide an advantage, especially as areas of technology and science law grow.

Law school provides lawyers the knowledge and skills they need to become an attorney, but does not guarantee a job. Broadening the spectrum of jobs you search for, especially in the aforementioned areas, can increase your chances of landing a job after law school. There are new opportunities available in the law; be sure to take advantage.

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