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General Studies Programs| Abraham Lincoln University

Abraham Lincoln University has added new undergraduate programs to complement its flagship school of law program. One of the programs just added for online distance learning is General Studies, with associate and bachelor’s degree programs available for enrollment.

What Are General Studies Programs?

General Studies programs provide a broad range of knowledge grounded in liberal arts and sciences. Ranging from English language and literature to history to political science, General Studies programs are designed to give students a well-rounded learning base.

General Studies programs do not often directly lead into any specific area of employment, but are useful for students who wish to move on to graduate programs, such as a master’s program in Business Administration or a Juris Doctor (J.D.) law school degree.

General Studies degrees are also a good solution for workers who need an associate or bachelor’s degree for promotion.

General Studies Degree Jobs

Degrees in General Studies are not focused on a particular employment path. Many General Studies majors go on to complete more career-based graduate or certificate programs. For example, General Studies makes a good introduction for a Master’s degree in education or a state teaching certificate for those who want to become teachers. There are a number of other paths also available to those undertaking General Studies degree programs.

General Studies Degree Levels

At Abraham Lincoln University, the General Studies program is available at two degree levels.

  • Associate: The associate degree program is meant to be taken over two years (60 semester credit hours). It can be taken on its own or along the path to completing the longer bachelor’s degree program.
  • Bachelor’s: The bachelor’s degree program is 120 semester credit hours and meant to be taken over four years. It provides a broad-based education moving from introductory level courses in arts and sciences to more specialized, higher-level learning, and prepares students for graduate learning.

For more information on the General Studies degree programs available from Abraham Lincoln University, visit www.alu.edu.


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