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Master of Science in


Program Description

Master of Science in Law

The Master of Science in Law degree provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the legal system. The program covers major topics in legal studies through various courses such as Business Law, Employment Law, Immigration Law, Intellectual Property, International Business Law, and more. For students who wish to become paralegals at law firms, corporate legal departments, government agencies, and non-profit organizations, or pursue a Juris Doctor degree, this program provides a foundation for career and academic advancement.

Online Law Schools Justice

Upon completion of the Master of Science in Law program, students should be able to demonstrate the following outcomes, based on successful completion of the corresponding courses:

  • Communicate effectively and apply concepts from a wide variety of legal disciplines, as well as other disciplines such as business, sociology, and communications, to their assigned tasks in a law-related environment.
  • Perform legal research and writing tasks using online and in-person library resources for a wide variety of legal problems.
  • Edit and refine previously prepared legal documents to accommodate changes in circumstances and changes in law.
  • Prepare and write legal memoranda, motions, and other court documents for review by an attorney.
  • Draft interoffice memoranda for the purpose of advising or informing supervising attorneys.

Program Plan for the Master of Science in Law Program

Our Master’s degree programs consist of 8 core courses and 2 elective courses. Electives can be selected from eight pre-identified emphases: business law, coaching, cybersecurity law, finance, law enforcement management, legal studies, management, and project management, or two electives of the student’s choosing.

The core courses in the Legal Studies program provides students with foundational and advanced knowledge of the law and overview of necessary legal skills and principles required for the legal environment.

LGS 510Criminal Law3
LGS 600Contracts I3
LGS 632Legal Research3
LGS 601Contracts II3
LGS 630Legal Writing3
LGS 610Torts I3
LGS 611Torts II3
LGS 699Graduate Capstone3
Students can identify and complete TWO (2) courses from a specific emphasis or take any TWO (2) elective courses to complete degree requirements.
Business Administration
Project Management
MGT 645 Project Management Essentials
MGT 646 Project Management Organizational Framework
MGT 647 Project Management Integration Framework
COH 540 Project Management Coaching
BUS 550 Business Finance
BUS 551 Corporate Financial Management
BUS 552 Innovative Finance and Venture Capital
BUS 553 Corporate Global Finance
COH 510 Coaching in the Workplace
COH 515 Personal Coaching
COH 520 Coaching Teams
COH 525 Executive Coaching
COH 530 Group Theory & Skills
COH 535 Group Work Practice
COH 540 Project Management Coaching
MGT 504 Sales Management
MGT 570 Advanced Strategic Management
MGT 620 Implementing Organizational Change
MGT 530 Marketing Management
BUS 580 Strategies for Change
Legal Studies
Cybersecurity Law
CSL 500 Cybersecurity Laws & Data Protection
CSL 503 Cybersecurity & Incident Response
CSL 501 Cybercrime & Law
Legal Studies
LGS 525 Contemporary Business Law
LGS 532 Intellectual Property Law
LGS 540 Wills & Trusts
LGS 620 International Business Law
LGS 625 Employment Law
LGS 542 Elder Law
LGS 640 Immigration Law
Business Law
BUS 600 Contract Law Fundamentals
BUS 623 Communications Law
LGS 620 International Business Law
LGS 623 Communications Law
Criminal Justice
Law Enforcement Management
CJS 545 Drug Enforcement
CJS 560 Dynamics of Family Violence
CJS 515 Technology in Law Enforcement
CJS 575 Police Administration
CJS 580 Terrorism & Homeland Security
CJS 585 Corrections

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