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Master of

Business Administration

Program Description

Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration degree prepares students for management positions in public, private, and non-profit organizations. Students will acquire the critical knowledge and skills needed to integrate management, marketing, accounting, and finance concepts to develop strategies to improve short and long-term organizational performance.


Upon completion of the program, students should be able to meet the following objectives, based on successful completion of the corresponding course

  • Demonstrate effective communication skills necessary to successfully analyze and present business reports to a diverse workforce.
  • Apply critical reasoning to establish professional conclusions using appropriate techniques and models in collecting and analyzing external and internal data.
  • Differentiate between the structures in global business organizations that support and are used to manage a socially and culturally diverse work force.
  • Demonstrate an appreciation for integrity and ethical decision making by contrasting the roles, tasks, and decisions of business leaders and other professionals in business, industry, and non-profit organizations.
  • Analyze external and internal influences on business by integrating formal academic learning with personal business experience to make effective business decisions.
  • Utilize appropriate technologies to achieve organizational objectives by gathering information and developing an understanding of the key issues facing business to make effective decisions in a global business environment.

Program Plan for the Master of Business Administration Degree

BUS 560Business Ethics3
MGT 500Modern Management3
MGT 530Marketing Management3
BUS 510Managerial Accounting3
MGT 514Human Relations Management3
BUS 540Managerial Economics3
BUS 580Strategies for Change3
MGT 590Advanced Organizational Behavior3
BUS 699Graduate Capstone3
MGT 525Marketing Research3
BUS 550Business Finance3
BUS 551Corporate Financial Management3
BUS 552Innovative Finance and Venture Capital3
BUS 553Corporate Global Finance3
BUS 600Contract Law Fundamentals3
BUS 620International Business Law3
BUS 623Communications Law3
COH 510Coaching in the Workplace3
COH 515Personal Coaching3
COH 520Coaching Teams3
COH 525Executive Coaching3
COH 530Group Theory & Skills3
COH 535Group Work Practice3
COH 540Project Management Coaching3
MGT 504Sales Management3
MGT 570Advanced Strategic Management3
MGT 620Implementing Organizational Change3
MGT 645Project Management Essentials3
MGT 646Project Management Organizational Framework3
MGT 647Project Management Integration Framework3
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