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Business Law (Graduate)

Program Description

Business Law Certificate (Graduate)

The Business Law Certificate provides students with diverse skills and knowledge in the area of business law. This includes insights into unlawful discrimination, contract writing and negotiation, and international business law, as well as researching and writing legal correspondence. The program exposes students to the many legal and business issues that lawyers regularly encounter in a global market.


Upon successful completion of the Graduate Certificate in Business Law, students will have acquired the knowledge and skills to:

  • Apply the regulations that safeguard the protection of people against unlawful discrimination.
  • Understand the importance of contracts law.
  • Utilize and apply legal writing & research skills.
  • Understand global business strategies involving foreign entities and the regulation of multinational enterprises.
  • Assess aspects of intellectual property law and apply them to case studies.

Program Plan for the Graduate Certificate in Business Law

BUS 600 Contract Law 3
LGS 525 Contemporary Business Law 3
LGS 620 International Business Law 3
LGS 632 Legal Research 3
LGS 630 Legal Writing 3
LGS 530Securities Law
LGS 615Agency & Partnership