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Bachelor of Science in

Criminal Justice

Program Description

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree provides a broad base of criminal justice topics and teaches students’ advanced concepts in law enforcement, prosecution, trial, corrections, juvenile offenders, and crime scene investigation. In addition, the program builds skills in areas such as the secure management, safekeeping, and control of inmates committed to jail or prison custody, which must be performed in a humane manner in compliance with the constitutional standards.

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The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree is designed to produce graduates who are able to:

  • Explain the scientific study of crime, criminals, the law-making process, the criminal justice system and the treatment of offenders.
  • Utilize critical thinking, analytical and interpersonal skills applicable to real-world problems.
  • Implement solutions for law enforcement, criminal investigation, and the management and administration of criminal justice related activities.
  • Apply sound criminal justice principles and decision making to planning, organizing, and coordinating operations.

Program Plan for the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

CJS 105 Technology in Criminal Justice 3
CJS 100 Ethics in Law Enforcement 3
CJS 110 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
CJS 120 Introduction to Law Enforcement 3
CJS 140 Intro to Criminology 3
CJS 200 Criminal Law 3
CJS 205 Constitutional Law 3
CJS 223 Criminal Procedure 3
CJS 225 Criminal Investigations I 3
CJS 305 Constitutional Law II 3
CJS 325 Criminal Investigation II 3
CJS 345 Corrections 3
CJS 420 Criminalistics 3
CJS 440 Juvenile Justice 3
CJS 499 Senior Capstone 3
PSY 110Introduction to Psychology3
SOC 110Introduction to Sociology3
MAT 140College Algebra3
ENG 160English Composition I3
ENG 170English Composition II3
HIST 160American History I3
HIST 165American History II3
SCI 195Survey of Physical Sciences3
COM 202Effective Professional Communication3
COM 275Speech Communications3

Students complete FIFTEEN (15) elective courses from ACC, BUS, CJS, FIN, LGS, or MGT to complete this category. Please see the university catalog for course details. ELECTIVE TOTAL: 45