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New Opportunities for Lawyers – Cyberlaw

As technology changes, so the law will change as well, with new laws coming into place to deal with changes in the way people communicate and old laws needing to be interpreted in a shifting world.

Because of this, there will be many opportunities for lawyers in the area of cyberlaw, the growing field dealing with laws as they relate to the Internet and other new avenues of communication.

According to Webster’s New World Law Dictionary, cyberlaw is defined as “The area of law dealing with the use of computers and the Internet and the exchange of communications and information thereon, including related issues concerning such communications and information as the protection of intellectual property rights, freedom of speech, and public access to information.” This growing field will be a boon to forward-thinking attorneys who take the necessary steps to get ahead of the game on how existing laws may be interpreted in the cyber world, and who can think of how new laws will develop.

New opportunities for lawyers in the growing field of cyberlaw include:

  • Cyber consultants in:
    • IT Firms
    • Police Departments
    • Banks
  • Researchers in cyberlaw for:
    • Law firms
    • Tech firms
  • Advisors to developers of websites and content
  • Government agency work
  • Lecturers and professors in cyberlaw
  • Cyber security and auditing

A focus on cyberlaw is especially recommended to those law students who have a background in technology, either in undergraduate study (as an engineering or computer science major) or in the professional world.

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