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Future Career Outlook: General Studies Degree | ALU

Career Outlook – General Studies

A General Studies degree provides a broad-based education grounded in the full spectrum of the Arts and Sciences. As such, it does not provide a defined career path post-graduation, but that does not have to be a negative thing. Many employers require college degrees at different levels for different jobs, and a General Studies degree can be a great fit because it provides education across a number of subjects.

A General Studies degree does not limit the spectrum of jobs you can apply for and careers you can pursue.

The Prospects

Because a General Studies degree does not point specifically toward any particular career path, it is probably best upon graduation to head into areas of employment growth in order to maximize career options. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, here are career projections for the major employment sectors over the next decade, with some elaboration:

  • Professional and related – 17% growth. This sector is focused on the employment of those with professional degrees, and is not particularly applicable to those with a General Studies degree, unless the General Studies degree is used as a prerequisite for further study in law, medicine, pharmacy, or another trade.
  • Service – 14% growth. The service industry’s growth continues a trend in the United States service-based employment continuing to replace goods-based employment. This is probably the best area to focus on as a General Studies student.
  • Construction and Extraction – 13% growth.
  • Management, business and financial – 11% growth. The “business world” can be another area to look when seeking a career following General Studies education. This sector’s growth is about on par with the average over all occupations.
  • Office and administrative support – 8% growth. With below-average growth, there are opportunities here but the field is not in as much demand as computer systems and other advancements allow support workers to do more work, creating fewer openings.
  • Installation, maintenance and repair – 8% growth.
  • Sales and related – 6% growth.
  • Transportation and material moving – 4% growth.
  • Farming, fishing and forestry – 1% decline.
  • Production – 3% decline

Getting Started

If you are interested in a General Studies degree, take a look at the online distance learning programs offered by Abraham Lincoln University. Programs begin each Monday in eight-week sessions, with associate and bachelor’s degree paths available. Learn more here.

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