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Flexible J.D. Perfect for Stay at Home Mom Krista Ocon

Before coming to Abraham Lincoln University School of Law, Krista Ocon graduated from U.C.L.A. and was pursuing a career in the hospitality field, working with an independent consulting organization based at UCLA’s School of Education, doing conference and event planning.

In the spring of 2005, Ocon became a stay at home mother. She worked raising her children and supporting her husband’s insurance brokerage. When her youngest child began preschool, Krista also began school, enrolling at the ALU School of Law.

The flexibility of ALU allowed Ocon to remain very involved in her family’s activities while at the same time successfully pursuing her law degree. Ocon participated fully in the ALU online J.D. program throughout her four years of study, mastering the wide ranging legal doctrine through her courses.

Upon completion of her Juris Doctor degree, Ocon took full advantage of ALU’s partnership with BarBri, the nationally recognized bar review provider, and enrolled in Barbri’s Bar Preparation program. Consistent with her legal education, Ocon opted for BarBri’s “online” option.

Ocon says that the BarBri program was critical to her success, giving her the tools to manage what at times seems like an unmanageable amount of information. Barbri’s lectures and materials, along with its “Pace Program” helped distill the important concepts that enabled Ocon to pass the February 2013 administration of the California bar exam, on her first attempt.

Ocon says that her involvement in education and families has given her an interest in family law and education advocacy and she hopes to practice law in those areas in the future.

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