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DETC Receives Ringing Endorsement from Federal Panel

DETC AccrediationDETC recently received a strong recommendation and vote of support from The National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI).  The NACIQI recommended unconditional recognition of the DETC accrediting commission.

Tim Mott, Chair of the DETC Accrediting Commission was quoted as saying, “This recommendation to the Secretary by NACIQI to accept DETC’s compliance report is one more indication of the growing reputation and growing acceptance of DETC as a reliable and reputable accrediting association.”

As a DETC accredited school, Abraham Lincoln University is very pleased with the support that the NACIQI recommended.  The goal of Abraham Lincoln University is to deliver a legal curriculum in a unique way, allowing students to complete a full law school education online.  Additionally, ALU offers programs in paralegal studies, legal studies, criminal justice, business, information technology and general studies to help students prepare for educational and professional advancement.

With positive affirmations like the one DETC received from the NACIQI, it helps to reinforce ALU’s own standard of quality that we uphold for curriculum.

For more information about the recommendation of DETC by NACIQI, visit the link below:


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