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ABA vs Non-ABA Paralegal Programs | Abraham Lincoln University

Abraham Lincoln University is an online distance learning law school preparing students for the California State Bar. Along with the flagship law school program, the University offers diploma and associate degrees in paralegal studies and a bachelor’s degree in legal studies, which can all prepare an aspiring student for work as a paralegal.

As an online school, neither the legal nor paralegal program is ABA (American Bar Association) approved. When you are considering a law or paralegal program, deciding whether to attend an ABA approved or a non-ABA approved program is an important distinction. Here is a breakdown of the differences between the two types of schools.

ABA Approved Schools

  • A number of law firms, State Bar Associations, and paralegal organizations throw their support behind ABA approved schools. Some associations, as in Colorado, Wisconsin and Nevada, go so far as to advocate preferences for ABA approved school graduates
  • Some believe ABA approved schools provide a competitive advantage during the hiring process

Non-ABA Approved Schools

  • Law firms do not always consider ABA approved school graduation the most important factor in hiring a paralegal
  • Man programs that meet the standards of ABA approval do not pursue approval based on the cost of fees that must be paid to the ABA during the process
  • ABA approved schools often have higher tuition rates than non-ABA approved schools
  • Only about 250 of 1200 paralegal programs nationally are ABA approved
  • Online or correspondence programs are all non-ABA approved

While there are some advantages to ABA approved schools, particularly in those states that advocate preferences for those schools, your financial position and geographical location, as well as the time you have available to attend classes (whether or not you are a full-time employee) may mean that an online distance learning program, by definition non-ABA approved, could be the right option for you.

For information on the law school and paralegal programs available from Abraham Lincoln University, visit www.alu.edu or contact Admissions by phone at (866) 558-0999 today.

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