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Doctorate of

Business Administration Degree

Program Description

Doctorate of Business Administration

The Doctor of Business Administration is designed for those who desire to advance their careers in management or consulting through high-quality, practice-focused research. The DBA curriculum develops applied research modules to create independent thinkers and problem solvers offering a combination of both theoretical and applied research methodology courses that emphasize assessment of the problems most relevant to managers. Graduates of the DBA program will be at the forefront of evidence-based management, enabling them to make contributions to the advancement of management practice.

Recipients of the Doctorate of Business Administration degree must complete at least 60-semester units and shall be achieved by completing 36 units of required core courses, 12 units of research focused courses, and 12 units of dissertation courses. Further, all recipients must engage and pass the Comprehensive Exam Competency (CEC). Students must complete all courses and the CEC to begin their dissertation phase.


Upon completion of the program, students should be able to meet the following objectives, based on successful completion of the corresponding course.

  • Contribute to advanced professional practices through critical thinking, conceptual communication, and analytical skills.
  • Develop a thorough knowledge of scientific and scholarly research methods and their application in business settings.
  • Measure the effectiveness of both the seminal theories and the latest practices in business administration.
  • Analyze cultural, ethical, and global issues and their impact on business theory and practices.
  • Evaluate effective business decisions in complex environments by integrating theories, insights, and practical knowledge.
  • Demonstrate informational literacy and computational thinking for effective and efficient use of technology
  • Engage in rigorous, independent and ethical dissertation research using applied research methodologies, design, and statistical analysis.

Program Plan for the Doctorate of Business Administration Degree

DBA 710 Organization & Organizational Change Theories 3
DBA 712 Financial Management 3
DBA 713 Leadership Theories, Models, Styles & Traits 3
DBA 714 Leadership & Change Management 3
DBA 715 Ethics of Business Management 3
DBA 716 Corporate Social Responsibility & Economics 3
DBA 717 Business Policies & Administration 3
DBA 718 Business Management Theories in Practice 3
DBA 719 Human Resource Management 3
DBA 720 Strategic Management Theories, Process & Application 3
DBA 721 Business Strategy & decision Making 3
DBA 722 Applied Strategic Perspectives 3
DBA 723Research Methods3
DBA 724Research Design & Analysis3
DBA 726Applied Strategic Analysis3
DBA 725Statistics for Business3
DBA 727Dissertation Overview, Process & Proposal3
DBA 728Dissertation I3
DBA 729Dissertation II3
DBA 730Dissertation III3
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