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Doctorate of

Business Administration Degree

Program Description

Doctorate of Business Administration

The Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) is designed for those who desire to advance their careers in management or consulting through high-quality, practice-focused research. The DBA curriculum develops applied research modules to create independent thinkers and problem solvers. It offers a combination of theoretical and applied research methodology courses that emphasize assessment of the problems most relevant to managers. Graduates of the DBA program will be at the forefront of evidence-based management, enabling them to make contributions to the advancement of management practice.

Recipients of a DBA degree must complete 60-semester units. This is achieved by completing 51 units of required core courses along with 9 semester units (3 courses) in any of the following emphases: cybersecurity law, project management, finance, organizational leadership, coaching, or general business. Recipients must also engage and pass the Doctoral Comprehensive Exam (DCE). Students must complete all courses and the DCE to begin the doctoral research project phase.

Start dates for the Applied DBA program* are in Spring and Fall Semesters (Session A) each year.

*Students who started prior to January 2022 will maintain the current program and program requirements.


Upon completion of the program, students should be able to meet the following objectives, based on successful completion of the corresponding course.

  • Employ effective communication skills in translating business research findings into appropriate guidelines for managing a business in a diverse, global environment.
  • Analyze external and internal data using advanced critical reasoning skills to effectively handle business problems and identify business opportunities.
  • Evaluate organizational business structures in a global business environment using current business theories and practices to gain an awareness of the socially and culturally diverse workforce and apply appropriate leadership and management skills for maximum productivity.
  • Evaluate decisions of business leaders and other professionals in business, industry, and non-profit organizations through the lens of integrity and ethical practices using current business theories and practices.
  • Employ formal academic learning with personal business experience to analyze external and internal influences on business to establish the strategic direction of an organization.
  • Assess organizational information needs by comparing contemporary theories on business and management with current research and practices.

Program Plan for the Doctorate of Business Administration Degree

ADR 710 Organization & Organization Change Theories 3
ADR 711 Ethics of Business Management 3
ADR 712 Leadership Theories, Models, Styles & Traits 3
ADR 713 Strategic Management: Theories, Process & Applications 3
ADR 714 Financial Management 3
ADR 715 Applied Strategic Perspectives 3
ADR 716 Business Strategy & Decision Making 3
ADR 717 Business & Management Research Methods 3
ADR 718 Research Design & Analysis 3
ADR 719 Statistics for Business 3
ADR 720 Applied Statistical Analysis 3
ADR 725 Doctoral Comprehensive Exam 3
DRP 741 Doctoral Applied Research Project Concept 3
DRP 742 Applied Doctoral Research Project I – Foundation and Literature 3
DRP 743 Applied Doctoral Research Project II – Methodology 3
DRP 744 Applied Doctoral Research Project III – Data and Findings 3
DRP 745 Applied Doctoral Research Project IV – Conclusion and Oral Presentation 3
Students can identify and complete THREE (3) courses from a specific emphasis or take any THREE (3) elective courses to complete degree requirements. A total of 9 credit hours is required.
Legal Studies
Cybersecurity Law
CSL 500 Cybersecurity Laws & Data Protection
CSL 501 Cybercrime and Law
CSL 503 Cybersecurity & Incident Response
Business Administration
Organizational Leadership
BUS 630 Leadership & Change Management
BUS 631 Corporate Social Responsibility & Economics
BUS 632 Business Policies & Administration
BUS 633 Business Management Theories in Practice
BUS 634 Human Resources Management
Project Management
MGT 645 Project Management Essentials
MGT 646 Project Management Organization Framework
MGT 647 Project Management Integration Framework
COH 540 Project Management Coaching
BUS 550 Business Finance
BUS 551 Corporate Financial Management
BUS 552 Innovative Finance and Venture Capital
BUS 553 Corporate Global Finance
COH 510 Coaching in the Workplace
COH 520 Coaching Teams
COH 525 Executive Coaching
COH 540 Project Management Coaching
General Business
Any combination of the above courses.

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