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ALU Joins Forces With ASC Security

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ALU Joins Forces With ASC Security

We are proud to announce that ALU has partnered with Advanced Security Concepts, Inc. Because of our new collaboration with ASC, students can earn their degree, such as criminal justice, and their security certificates simultaneously. We spoke briefly with one of our ALU staff members, Isaac Hanson, who has studied at both ALU and ASC. Isaac trained in the military, guarding nuclear weapons depots and US embassies. He says he always wanted to protect people ever since he was a kid.

ALU joins forces with ASC

How do you like working with ASC? What are the classes like?

I have been able to work around my full-time work schedule and make extra money. I also have good bosses. I got asked to work events the day after I received my guard card in the mail.

The classes provide personal experience from the trainers with hands on practice whenever possible. Lectures and videos follow the requirements and are only as long as they need be.
What do you think are the benefits of the collaboration between ASC and ALU?
We are helping veterans pay for their security training through their GI Bill and earn their degrees while working at ASC. Stability and advancement for veterans are the benefits.
ASC actively encourages employees to get their degrees as they don’t expect people to stay on forever but to use this job as a springboard to bigger and better things.
Are you working towards the different licenses they offer? What is that training like?
Yes. I will have every certificate and license they offer in their training program: Guard, exposed firearms permit, School Guard, CPR, First Aid, Taser, Chemical Sprays, and Baton.
The courses are hand-on when needed for training and practical application. They run scenarios to get you to think on your feet and apply what you have learned. 
What do you plan on doing with your new skills once you complete the courses?
I plan to get extra hours and pay working as a security guard for ASC and to participate in the outreach for new veteran students with my experiences.
What are your goals?
Right now I am looking to continue working executive protection with ASC. I will also be attempting to train and certify as an instructor so I can teach the next generation of students.

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