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Your Full Tuition Paid Even with Reduced Eligibility G.I. BILL

We have seen several veterans with less than 100% G.I. BILL usage available. This can be caused by several things but there is no solution provided by the VA. Not even the yellow ribbon program can help in this occasion. Most schools will ask the Veteran to find alternative sources of funding.

The Fix:

This is one of the few occasions where we can brag about ourselves a little bit. ALU has set up a series of solutions to help a Veteran still graduate debt free, and without using out of pocket funds. This ranges from the use of other available grants to online and virtual work studies helping the University help other veterans. These can range from 1-5 hours per week. If you are working full time, not to worry. We have other opportunities. Our bottom line is to not put you behind, but to help you get ahead.

Watch for this:

Depending on your eligibility level it is important to make sure you use your military training and experience to cut down on the number of courses you need to take. Also be sure to map out the remaining courses needed to graduate so that you can be sure you have applied for all necessary scholarships, grants and discounts. At ALU,

50% of our student population is associated with the Military, we know the in’s and out’s of the programs and we have a solution that will help you with your unique situation.

 At ALU:

All tools required are included in your total cost. This means you won’t need to hunt down individually resources to accompany your training and education. We have removed the guesswork and provided a truly unique set of solutions to ensure you are never paying out of pocket for your education. You have worked hard for your benefits, let us help you maximize their use.



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