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Law School Distance Learning Online

touch- tablet in hands Business manAdvantages of an Online Law Degree

Obtaining a law degree online, via a distance learning program – such as those offered by Abraham Lincoln University – offers a number of prospective advantages to the traditional brick and mortar institutions.

First, as with all Law School Distance Learning and Online programs, individuals who might not physically or financially be in a position to pursue higher learning may be able to do so online.

Also, achieving a law degree online does not require you to leave your current job. Unlike attending school full time, online alternatives allow you to learn at your own pace. This way, attending class and studying can be done at home at the student’s convenience. Also, individuals who have a family or other obligations aren’t forced to decide between personal responsibilities and classroom responsibilities, but rather can manage both when taking online classes.

New Opportunities to Obtain a Law Degree

There was a time when earning a law degree meant attending one of the brick and mortar schools of law that were sparsely scattered across the country. To add to the difficulty, those schools were often reserved for the few who could afford them. This meant a student’s choices for obtaining a Juris Doctor (JD) were extremely limited.

Today, however, the law student has more options than a would-be-lawyer of the past. The Internet has opened many new opportunities to a larger group of candidates by bringing Law School programs online. Such an opportunity was unheard of just a few decades ago, but due to advances in technology and the proliferation of online accessibility, obtaining a degree online is becoming a reality for many aspiring lawyers.

Distance Learning Methods – Courses and Concerns

While courses vary depending on the primary focus, all include research and investigation, legal and ethical concerns in the practice of law, pleadings, reasoning, as well as application of critical thinking and efficient communication. In addition, students also learn how to effectively question clients, prepare them for court, and learn the rules of evidence and procedure.

Most distance learning law programs take four years to complete, and the State Bar of California requires that 864 credit hours be completed during that time. Typically in distance learning programs, coursework is issued online, and students follow a guideline to stay on track. Exams and quizzes are often open-book; however, final exams must be proctored. Some schools also require that students attend periodic review sessions in person, while courses and class discussions are usually conducted online.

Succeeding as a Law Student

In order to succeed at distance learning, law students really do have to be exceptionally disciplined, and self-motivated. Because much of your study time is self-directed, there are no classmates or instructors present to urge you on. It’s entirely up to you to maintain whatever discipline it takes to succeed.  Working online requires excellent time management and organizational skills. Without them, it would be very difficult to reach the goal of attaining a degree online.

Another point to keep in mind: being a successful online learner has a great deal to do with the student’s personality, as well as with skills he or she may or may not have. For example, students who are very social and love to learn surrounded by passionate classmates might find online study less fulfilling than traditional learning. Students who thrive on being in the same room with others and work best in an environment surrounded by others may be better off in a physical classroom.

Financial Obligations with an Online Law Degree

Traditionally, earning a law degree is both time-consuming and financially draining. Online distance learning law schools are able to reduce tuition considerably, in part because they doesn’t have the expenses associated with operating a brick-and-mortar institution; classroom equipment doesn’t need to be maintained, heating and air conditioning costs are nonexistent, buildings don’t need to be built and maintained and parking lots don’t need to be repaved.

Distance learning law school graduates typically devote less than half of what graduates of traditional programs spend for a similar education. That savings allows new graduates to step into the work world without the looming financial obligation a traditional law school requires.

Practicing Law After Earning A Distance Learning Degree

If you are interested in attending online law school with the intention of practicing law, you will want to make yourself acquainted with the laws in the state of which you plan to practice as the requirements may vary state to state.

We at Abraham Lincoln University understand that there is a lot to comprehend when choosing to pursue a law degree, whether that be online or otherwise. We’ll be glad to help walk you through everything you need to know and answer any questions you may have.

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