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Choosing a Distance Learning Law School in California

LawyerWhy Choose Distance Learning for Law School?

For working professionals considering a career change, an online law degree can be of tremendous value. What was once only thought to be accessible by traditional means, advances in online learning and education have made attaining an online law degree, not only possible, but affordable.

Become a lawyer pursuing work in a prestigious, challenging, and well-paying field.

The biggest hurdle to the practice of law is usually law school itself. For anyone pursuing a legal career, the costs, both in time and money, of traditional law school are often prohibitive.

Fortunately, times have changed. Distance learning programs such as the programs and courses Abraham Lincoln University offers, have made all education, including law school, more accessible and affordable.

Online law degree opportunities in particular are helping to remove time and tuition barriers to open up law school for any interested prospective students. The online law degree program at ALU offers the flexibility and opportunity to connect and study with bright, knowledgeable peers and industry professionals without having to leave life’s priorities behind.

How to Find the Right Online Law School for You

Finding the distance learning law school program that is the best fit for you is key to your success in online education. You’ll want to thoroughly examine the course curriculum, research faculty expertise, weigh the practical training opportunities, and determine the availability of specializations to make sure they meet your career goals and interests.

You will also want to make sure that the online degree program you choose offers the style of learning to which you respond best. For example, if you learn best by talking to a professor, then you probably wouldn’t be interested in a program featuring only pre-recorded lectures or pre-planned, automated lessons.

If, however, you’re on an already fixed or tight schedule, then a program which offers you the greatest amount of flexibility, such as one with recorded lectures, could be a better fit for you. Abraham Lincoln University offers the best of both worlds.

Meeting the Requirements of an Online Law Degree Program

Attending online law degree programs at Abraham Lincoln University is similar to attending school in person in many ways. Academics, faculty members, and extracurricular opportunities will be the same whether you are an on-campus or online student.

Online law degree courses at Abraham Lincoln University use web-based tools, video conferencing, and other such methods. Before selecting a school, it’s important to be sure that you can meet all the technological requirements. ALU’s technological requirements are simple and cater to most common households with a home computer and/or mobile device.

Distance learning law programs tend to focus on the basic and core courses that students are advised to take in law school, from the customary first-year courses through Criminal Procedure, Evidence and Professional Responsibility. In addition to developing fundamental legal skills, ALU’s online law school study plans provide a strong foundation for passing the required regulatory exams—just like traditional law school.

Practicing Law in California

After completing your first year of law school, you must take and pass the First Year Law Students’ Examination, affectionately nicknamed the “Baby Bar.” Then, after you have successfully satisfied all your coursework, you must pass a state bar exam.

ALU recently released its June 2014 First Year Bar Exam results revealing that 72% of its students passed on their first attempt.

Graduates holding a legal degree, obtained via distance learning at an online law school can sit for the bar exam in California. California has specific requirements for those interested in practicing law there, which you may want to research for yourself. You may also find helpful information on California’s requirements here.

Next Steps

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