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Should You Consider Law School Online?

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Today’s technology has broken barriers and limitations even when it comes to legal education and Abraham Lincoln University was a pioneer in the realm of online learning. Today, people no longer have to rely solely on traditional University system to be able to earn a law degree.  Are you dreaming of becoming a lawyer too but you feel that you no longer have time to go back to school?  Then attending online law school at Abraham Lincoln University may be the right choice for you.

If your aspiration to practice law someday remains burning inside you, even your difficult schedule or current occupation should not stand in your way.  Now how is this possible you might ask?  Online law degrees can help you to fulfill your goal and give you the skill set to be able to switch to the profession that you have always wanted.

If you are still stuck amidst your dilemma on whether or not you should venture into online law school academics, here are some questions that you might want to ask yourself. That way, you can seriously assess things more profoundly.

Do you have the passion and dedication?

A law school education, whether it is conducted online or in a traditional classroom set-up demands for extensive dedication and learning. The amount of reading, memorizing, comprehending and studying is not something to take lightly and it will be a major commitment and part of your life for at least 3 years. You need to ask yourself whether this is something that you are willing to take even if you have to juggle it along with your current life and work commitments.

Are you financially ready?

Yes, there is a promise of earning a great salary in the future, but before you even get there you have to analyze whether your current financial status will be able to handle the burden of  law school.  While online law school is more affordable than traditional law school, it still is an additional expense.  If you have limited resources, do not despair just yet. It is good to have a comprehensive information about the costs by doing preliminary inquiries from the different schools which offer online legal education. You might want to check out grants and student assistance too.

Can you handle the time demand?

Even if the course is mostly conducted online, this will also require several hours a day of studying and learning the material. The classes and the studying may eat up about 25 to 30 hours per week, so it is important to assess whether your schedule and lifestyle can still accommodate this.

Are you up for the future jobs?

Lawyers are not limited to facing the judge and defending their clients in front of a jury of their peers. Attending online law school can actually open up numerous doors for you. You might start up as a junior associate but with dedication and hard work, you can gradually work your way up the partnership ladder.  Or perhaps you are interested in opening your own practice to assist with family law or civil cases.  There are countless practice areas for attorneys, and while most law school students enter law school not knowing the area of practice they want to eventually end up in, many wind up finding an interest while they are in school and focus on that with both internships and the courses they select.

Additionally, some law school graduates choose to venture into other fields like banking, real estate, entrepreneurship and finance.

It is a good thing that law programs online are now open for interested individuals just like you. Whether you are currently working or you have other commitments at the moment, this is something which will help you achieve your dream without sacrificing other aspects of your life. Aim for the top online schools so you can ensure that the education and training that you will get will gear you up for a promising law career soon.

For more information about attending law school online, contact the admissions office at Abraham Lincoln University to get started.


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