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How Far Can You Go With A Law Degree? | ALU

law degree programs studentWith the increasing number of online schools which also offer law degree programs, many are wondering if it is really possible to get this type of education via the Internet, and how far can an online law degree take your career?  At Abraham Lincoln University, we were one of the very first schools to begin offering a correspondence education to earn your law degree, and we have always strived to provide a intimate knowledge of the law blended with real-world, professionally experienced professors to teach each of the courses.

Despite what is being told by the media, the truth is it is absolutely possible to get good quality law school education online from Abraham Lincoln University.  Factors such as accreditation and where students can take the bar exam following graduation are important, but for working professionals and individuals with other full-time commitments, Abraham Lincoln University offers the flexibility to learn on your time while advancing your education and opening up a new career path in the realm of law.

If you do decide to enroll at Abraham Lincoln University School of Law, what career opportunities will you have in the future?

Technology has really shaped things up differently and a law education is part of this evolution. Online law schools like ALU conduct their classes, interaction and instruction via the Internet in either live or archived classes. This level of flexibility works for individuals that committed and dedicated to wanting to become attorneys, but need the affordability and flexibility  efficiency of this type of teaching method. Schools which offer such program also abide by strict curriculum and they follow a specific schedule. Hence, students are able to acquire good quality education too.

Another aspect which needs to be highlighted about online law school is that the programs that they offer are also governed by proper institutions. For example, there is the DETC accreditation which signifies that the school passed rigorous scrutiny before they are permitted to teach the course. The US Department of Education also oversees law degree programs online.

If you are considering enrolling in an online law course, you have to make a decision about the field to specialize in. Since the schools aim to provide top-notch education, they have also tailored their curriculum, according to various law fields.  In an effort to provide extensive education, Abraham Lincoln University has tailored it’s programs to satisfy high standards.

Now, what lies ahead after finishing the online law degree from Abraham Lincoln University is where can it take you?  A law degree from ALU is a key to unlocking a new career path as an attorney.  With a law degree from ALU, you will be able to sit for the California Bar Exam and become a able-bodied, practicing attorney in the state of California.  For some, this means starting a new career as an attorney.  For others it means augmenting a current career as a paralegal, or finding new work on the side assisting individuals with legal matters.  Given the amount of legal knowledge that one can obtain with a law degree, you would easily have an edge over the others and be able to win positions which demand legal education.

If you are really interested in working as an attorney for a law firm, or going out on your own to practice law, then choose ALU School of Law for the affordability, flexibility and professional education that it provides.  For more information about applying to Abraham Lincoln University School of Law, visit our application page on the website.


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