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Online Law Schools in CaliforniaCompared to other states within the US, California has the most number of registered online law schools, one of which is Abraham Lincoln University in Los Angeles, California. For students who are aiming to get a law degree through online courses, the ones that are DETC accredited and allow their students to sit for the California Bar exam are the ones you will want to look into. Why is this so?

For individuals who would like to get an California online law degree, it is necessary to realize some limitations that might hinder your future goals. It is true that not all law programs online will enable you to sit on the bar exam and be able to practice as a lawyer.  However, at Abraham Lincoln University our program has been enabling student to earn their Juris Doctorate and site for the California Bar Exam since 1996.

Student Qualifications

If you plan to enroll in an Online California law degree program.   Typically, among the requirements are official records from your former school in the form of a transcript as well as passing an online assessment test to ensure that you have the requisite skills to understand and absorb the course load.  This means you need to present proper documentation which proves your educational background and attainment. You have to present certified copy which reflects your GPA.

Cost of the Program

There is no doubt that the expenses for enrolling in online law schools in California are much cheaper than attending traditional law school. Students who opt for traditional law school end up paying for student loans for years after graduation.  At Abraham Lincoln University, we offer an affordable online legal education that is a perfect fit for busy professionals who are looking to earn their law degree online.

The price may seem very expensive, but when you compare it to traditional law school, you will realize how much an online law school can save you in the long run.

Amount of Time Needed

There are a lot of people who currently have part-time jobs or that are working full-time, but still manage to attend Abraham Lincoln University School of Law Online. Yes, even if you are working full time, you can still take the courses and be able to finish the program on time.

That is not to say that the program is not intensive or difficult to master, but the ability to study and take classes on your time provides the flexibility necessary for some individuals to earn their law degree.  For more information about Abraham Lincoln University being the right California Online Law School for you, visit us online at or call us directly at 213-252-5100.



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