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What is the Admission Process for Online Law School?

Online law schools have strict standards when it comes to accepting their students, just like traditional brick and mortar law schools, but the admissions process for an online law school is a little bit different. Yes, the rules that they implement for qualifying students may not be as rigid as the ones in traditional law schools but certain criteria still has to be met.

Are you preparing to apply for online law school? Do not fret!  The process is something that you would definitely be able to handle.  If you are considering apply to Abraham Lincoln University than this process is as simple as picking up the phone and speaking with a friendly representative from our admissions department.   The important thing is to make sure that everything is complete before you submit your file so you don’t get bogged down in the process.. When there are some things which are missing from the application, this lowers the possibility of being accepted quickly which can potentially hurt your chances of gaining admission.

Each online law school has their own set of rules for qualifying students. Despite the minor differences, there are major steps which are followed by most of the schools including Abraham Lincoln University.

  • Completed Application Form. The form is designed by the school and it involves providing personal details which they deem important.
  • Transcript of Records. This is vital for the application because almost all online law schools have a specific grade cut-off for their students. Schools use the transcript as gauge whether you would be a deserving student or not, especially because online courses require a lot of initiative. The transcript of records should also show whether you have completed your undergrad course or not.
  • Online Assessment Test. This is conducted months before the start of the term. Written examination does not really involve anything related to law education. Schools would not assume that you already have prior knowledge about the field even if you are already working as a paralegal, police office or law clerk. The written examination usually involves general knowledge about math, science, language, abstract reasoning and logic. The test is not generic for every school because this is designed by the school administration.

For more information about the admissions process with Abraham Lincoln University visit the application page of our website or call our admissions staff directly at 213-252-5100.



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