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Attend Law School Online as a Full-Time Professional | ALU

online law programsNo, you do not have to be a superhero just to be able to juggle attending law school online without dropping your current profession. All thanks to online law programs from Abraham Lincoln University, all you need is a little perseverance and dedication to be able to fulfill your goal to become a lawyer someday.

Online law degree is designed for professionals, just like you. The class schedule can be easily managed, student requirements are tailored to accommodate current work schedule and the entire curriculum is designed to gear you up for future law career.

How exactly does online law school like Abraham Lincoln University work? Will this enable you to switch to a new career soon?

Law School System Design

Do you find it difficult to fully grasp the idea of online law school? ALU has set-up an online platform which enables students, like you, to listen to discussions, attend virtual classes, view lecture videos and access all program materials vie the Internet. Usually, the program is accompanied by reading materials and modules which will be sent via package or snail mail. There is a carefully designed curriculum to follow and an exact schedule to abide. Aside from those, there are also occasions when you would also be required to personally attend in-campus lectures and sessions.

Online Law School Admission Procedure

The exact steps for admission may slightly vary from one online law school to another. Generally, the requirements that the online schools demand for are much easier to accomplish that the ones being asked by traditional law schools. Qualifying is less complicated too.

When applying for an online law degree program, make sure that you have acquired the necessary documents from your previous college or university such as diploma and certified copy of grades. These will serve as proof of your educational background.

Aside from fulfilling the pre-requisites for Abraham Lincoln University, when it comes to educational certifications, personal data and GPA, you may need to go through an interview before being accepted in the program. In some cases, the school would also demand for a written exam to assess if you are fitting for the program.

There are also schools which have more tailored admission procedure. They ask for reference letters from previous employers, professors or supervisors so they can assess your personality.

Tuition and Expenses for Online Law School

When compared to the traditional law schools, tuition for online law programs are far more affordable. If in-campus law degrees could cost hundreds of thousands until the degree is finished, online law course is just a fraction of it.

It has to be considered too that taking the online program can significantly cut the expenses because there is no need to commute daily to school or move to a closer place. If you are depending on your current salary for all school expenses, you can find ways on how to make your budget work without being swamped into debts.

Amount of Time Needed to Attend Law School Online

If you have a full-time job, you would most likely spend majority of your weekdays working, right? The great thing about an online law degree from Abraham Lincoln University School of Law is that you can still access lectures, videos and other materials at the end of the day. Hence, your studying time can be tailored according to your schedule. You can allocate your weekends or other free days for assignments, projects, requirements and exams. That is why, it is very possible to attend online law school without resigning from your current job.


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