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What is the ConAP partnership? | Abraham Lincoln University

What is the ConAP partnership? | Abraham Lincoln University

What is ConAP?

Abraham Lincoln University is proud to participate in the ConAP partnership with the Army Recruiting Command and other colleges.

ConAP (the Concurrent Admissions Program for Army Enlistees) is a partnership between more than 1,900 participating colleges, the Army Recruiting Command, and Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC). The program’s goals are to increase enlistment of college capable active duty and reserve solders; increase the number of Army soldiers, veterans and reservists enrolled in college, and increase the use of GI Bill education benefits like Tuition Assistance (TA).

The ConAP partnership has a number of key features:

  1. ConAP creates plans for future soldiers to attend college and use earned GI Bill education benefits like Tuition Assistance (TA).
  2. ConAP links future soldiers to colleges at the time of enlistment as an added benefit of signing on and providing incentive to get an education during or after service.
  3. ConAP allows colleges to identify future veterans interested in attending their institutions.
  4. Colleges participating in ConAP are members of SOC (Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges). SOC assists with implementation and management while serving as liaison between Army recruiters, ConAP colleges, Army education centers, and the higher education community at large

Since colleges participating in ConAP are members of SOC, they agree to use good academic practice in accepting courses from other colleges, award credit for military courses within a student’s curriculum using the ACE Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services, and award credit for at least one nationally-recognized testing program.

Electronic ConAP forms are now in place, designed to automate the process of establishing prospective relationships between future soldiers and the United States Army and Army Reserve, and more than 1,900 colleges nationwide. This electronic form increases the number of possible ConAP contacts by more than 75,000 annually.

While many tuition benefits and programs are available to military service members, veterans and their spouses throughout the armed forces, ConAP is a program that works to ensure that service members and veterans take advantage of the benefits available to them, not only by providing access but by providing information. Abraham Lincoln University is happy to be one of the schools included in the partnership, and offers a number of programs that may be of interest to active duty service members, veterans, and spouses.

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