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Work-Life Balance and the Law

Work-Life Balance and the Law

Just about any research into a career in law mentions the long hours that many attorneys work, and how the work-life balance is one of the major concerns of lawyers who may have some dissatisfaction with their career choice. While lawyers as a professional group are consistently in the top ten highest paid careers, long hours contribute to those earnings, and as a result those same long hours can result in a disconnect from family, friends, and other activities outside of work.

If you are considering a career in the law, work-life balance is something that should be taken into account. Law school, especially if taken in conjunction with working a full-time job, is time-consuming in and of itself, especially with the amount of study necessary to do well in a standard legal curriculum like that offered by Abraham Lincoln University; in fact, studying at an online distance learning law school like ALU while working a full-time job can help students prepare for the work-life balance entering a career in the legal field.

Work-Life Balance Tips for Lawyers

Any publication aimed at lawyers often features articles about the difficult work-life balance, and while there is no perfect solution to make attorneys feel better about their particular situations, there are some worthy tips contained in many of the articles. Here are some work-life balance tips for lawyers and law students:

  • Create Non-Negotiable Time Blocks in Your Schedule: From ExpertLaw’s Six Steps for Creating Greater Work-Life Balance for Lawyers, this tip proposes setting aside time at least twice a week during the work day to get away. This time should be considered non-negotiable, and allow for being out of the office. Suggested activities: exercising, getting a massage, or even just doing nothing!
  • Be Healthy: A healthy body helps with a healthy mind, and a healthy body and healthy mind combine to make longer work days not seem so stressful. Eat right, exercise, set up a routine for working out, and be sure to get outdoors and away from the office from time to time.
  • Take Your Vacation Time: Many lawyers working for larger firms, seeking to impress, do not take their vacation time, either to impress or to receive payout for those days at the end of the year. Vacation is necessary, though, to be away from the office, disconnected from law libraries and case files, and reconnected to family and friends. Furthermore, if you don’t take your vacation, you’ll regret it, and those feelings aren’t good for feeling good at work or at home.

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