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Popular Post-Military Careers: Law

Popular Post-Military Careers: Law

Abraham Lincoln University, one of California’s and the nation’s pioneering online law schools, allows those who work full-time jobs the ability to study a standard law school curriculum online. With the many benefits offered to military students, whether active duty personnel, veterans, or military spouses and family members, a post-military career in the field of law is more achievable than ever before.

Some military branches extend Tuition Assistance (TA) benefits that will cover the cost of a Juris Doctor (J.D.) program. The Army, Army National Guard and Army Reserves TA programs all cover J.D. tuition expenses. In addition, the Navy and Coast Guard also extend their own TA benefits to J.D. programs. These programs greatly lessen the overall cost of earning a law degree and taking the California State Bar Exam.

A post-military career in the legal field can take a number of different directions. Military dedication will provide the necessary mindset for the difficult course of legal study. Studying law and then passing the bar exam opens up many avenues for aspiring attorneys. Criminal prosecution and defense, corporate law, tax law, and entertainment law are all vital fields in the state of California and elsewhere.

The ALU Program

Beginning three times a year, the ALU School of Law J.D. Degree program is one of the few options ideal for active-duty service men and women to study the law. Students are able to watch live lectures online on weeknights and Saturdays and participate from anywhere there is internet access via live chat functions. If the lectures do not occur at convenient times, they are archived for viewing later on and students can communicate with professors by phone or email. In addition, if students are located in the Los Angeles area or passing through, they can attend classes in person in the centrally located LA offices of ALU.

These various options make the ALU program perfect for students for whom a traditional ABA three-year full-time or four-year part-time program will not work. The constant travel and unpredictability of the military lifestyle does not lend itself well to most law school programs, but the ALU method can work.


Transitioning to a post-military career can be difficult without a plan, but by taking advantage of the opportunities provided through the military to pay tuition and other educational costs active-duty military and veterans have access to, the transition does not have to be tough. Coming out of the military with a J.D. degree or progress toward one will give students a head start toward a rewarding civilian career.

To learn more about the Juris Doctor (J.D.) program at Abraham Lincoln University and the military benefits available for students studying at ALU, visit or call Admissions at (866) 555-0999.


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