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Useful Legal Shorthand for Law Students

Useful Legal Shorthand for Law Students

With any form of study, taking proper notes is essential, but because of the sheer amount of information and discussion going on in law school classes, it can be hard to keep up and take the notes you really need in order to succeed.

The useful law school study help website has plenty of resources for helping law students get through class and exams. We at Abraham Lincoln University would like to share some of the most helpful tips with you.

Taking Notes in Class

It helps if you know going in what notes you should be focusing on. Instead of just writing down or typing out everything the professor says, as well as how students respond to the professor’s questions, be sure to keep in mind five important aspects of the cases discussed in class, which will be most beneficial to you as you go over your notes later on:

  1. Figure out the rule of the case being discussed.
  2. Find the policy that has led to the rule being in place.
  3. Note facts that prove the rule (as well as those that may have been ignored because they do not fit with the rule).
  4. Make sure you understand the reasoning behind the case.
  5. Take the professor’s opinion into account (this will be important come test time).


Here are some common phrases used during the first year of law school along with useful shorthand:

  • Common Law – C/L
  • Constitutional – Con
  • Contract – K
  • Court – Ct.
  • Criminal – Crim
  • Defendant – Dfdt
  • Judge – J.
  • Murder – M
  • Negligence – Negl
  • Plaintiff – Pltf
  • Reasonable – Reas
  • Supreme Court – SC

If you are a law student who’s found this useful, please check back for more tips for students to come here on the ALU blog.


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