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Lawyers – Job Outlook

Lawyers – Job Outlook

Abraham Lincoln University, an online distance learning law school providing a flagship Juris Doctor degree program for non-traditional, adult students, is geared towards those who are considering a career change, a transition into the legal profession. Learn more about the employment opportunities and job outlook for those in the legal field, with research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics presented below.

Growth in Employment

If average growth across jobs is considered to be about ten percent over ten years, employment of lawyers is slightly above that average, with thirteen percent growth projected over the next decade. The growth is likely due to growth in the population and an increase in business activity, which will result in more criminal cases, legal transactions, civil disputes, and more.

There will also be an increase in demand for legal services over the next decade in the following areas:

  • Healthcare
  • Intellectual property
  • Bankruptcy
  • Corporate Litigation
  • Antitrust and labor law
  • Environmental law

Growth in these areas will be mitigated by many larger firms and businesses choosing to use accountants and paralegals for some tasks that might have been performed by lawyers in the past, due to the costs associated.

Growth for self-employed lawyers is also expected to be slow, due to a greater difficulty in establishing a profitable practice in the face of already existing firms and larger corporations.

Other Prospects for Employment

As competition for traditional attorney jobs in salaried positions continues to be tough, many lawyers are finding work in which legal training is an asset. These include administrative, managerial, and business positions in banks, financial firms, insurance firms, and real estate companies, and within the government. These types of opportunities are growing at a high rate.


The job outlook for the legal profession is something that aspiring law students should take into account. For more information about a legal education online, call Admissions at (866) 558-0999.


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