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02 Feb Law Careers in Focus – Criminal Law Attorney

When considering a career in the law, there are many options available. Attorneys practice is a wide array of sectors along the spectrum. Focusing on a specific practice area is one way to begin building a successful law career. One of the largest focuses in the American legal system is criminal law. Criminal law is loosely defined as “A system of law concerned with those who commit crimes,” but that does not really define what a...

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23 Jan The Nature of Work for Lawyers

The law profession is often seen in terms of the popular conception, with TV and film prosecutors and defense attorneys at the front of the mind when people think about what it is that lawyers do. The truth of the matter is that lawyers do work in nearly every sector of business, non-profit work, and government. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the nature of work for lawyers can be as varied as nearly...

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