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28 Oct Interview with Jonathan Kramer, ALU alumnus

I was honored to talk with Dr. Jonathan Kramer, Esq., JD, LL.M, DLP, one of our awe-inspiring alumni (2001), about his time as a law student and all of his adventures since graduating from Abraham Lincoln University. Jonathan Kramer serves on ALU’s Advisory Committee and on the Academic Program Advisory Board for the Juris Doctor, offering input about curricular needs and improvement for the law program. Jonathan is also one of ALU’s alumni speakers who...

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debunking the myths of online learning

14 Sep Debunking the Myths of Online Learning

Online education and distance learning sometime gets a bad rap. It’s understandable that people feel hesitant when they hear the phrase “online university.” But this skepticism often comes from misconceptions about what online classrooms look like on the inside, wariness of new technology, or simply a fear of change. I’d like to go through and debunk some of the common misunderstandings that we come across as online educators, as well as pros that differentiate online...

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10 Aug How ALU Serves Active-Military and Veteran Students

Abraham Lincoln University has always sought to serve student populations that are typically underserved by traditional institutions and brick-and-mortar universities. The needs of active-military and veteran students are a top priority for ALU. That’s why we’re so proud to say this priority was recognized and that we were listed as one of the Military-Friendly Schools of 2016. Choosing a school and following through with a degree is a huge decision. Financial concerns and scheduling anxieties are bound...

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Hispanic woman working in home office

26 Oct Why You Should Earn Your Law Degree Online

Why You Should Earn Your Law Degree Online Between work and family life, many people just do not have time or resources to attend traditional college classes.  However, if you want to pursue a degree in law, it is possible to obtain a law degree online. There are certain undeniable advantages to obtaining your law degree online. Whether you’re looking to enhance your current professional profile or create a new career path, law school is an ideal...

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touch- tablet in hands Business man

23 Oct Law School Distance Learning Online

Advantages of an Online Law Degree Obtaining a law degree online, via a distance learning program - such as those offered by Abraham Lincoln University - offers a number of prospective advantages to the traditional brick and mortar institutions. First, as with all Law School Distance Learning and Online programs, individuals who might not physically or financially be in a position to pursue higher learning may be able to do so online. Also, achieving a law degree online...

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20 Oct Online Law Degree for Legal Career

Is a Career in Legal Studies Right for You? Have you always had an interest in the law since you were young? If so, fulfilling those dreams with a career in legal studies or criminal justice is worth serious consideration. In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that some careers in the field of criminal justice will grow by 2018.* Knowing this, Abraham Lincoln University’s Master of Science in Law, Bachelor Degree in Legal...

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17 Oct Online JD Law Degree FAQs

The Juris Doctor (JD), an extremely versatile degree, is held by prominent business leaders, politicians, diplomats and writers, among other professions. And of course, all attorneys. Did you ever imagine it was possible to earn a JD degree online? Well, you can. It’s not easy, but it is possible. Reach the height of your career without having to rearrange your life. Online classes have made it possible for students to pursue careers they never thought possible. What started...

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14 Oct Choosing a Distance Learning Law School in California

Why Choose Distance Learning for Law School? For working professionals considering a career change, an online law degree can be of tremendous value. What was once only thought to be accessible by traditional means, advances in online learning and education have made attaining an online law degree, not only possible, but affordable. Become a lawyer pursuing work in a prestigious, challenging, and well-paying field. The biggest hurdle to the practice of law is usually law school itself....

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02 Oct Attend Online Law School and Become a Practicing Attorney | ALU

If you have always had the dream of becoming a practicing attorney in California, you most likely understand the rigors that are associated with attending a traditional law school. In the past, in order to practice law in California, you most likely had to attend traditional law school and pass the California Bar to be able to legally practice law in the state. Thankfully, advancements in online technology has changed the entire landscape of the educational model...

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