ALU Offers Free Expungement Clinic on Skid Row

Expungement Clinic Downtown Women's Center

11 Oct ALU Offers Free Expungement Clinic on Skid Row

Abraham Lincoln University Teaches Law At Downtown Women’s Center


Los Angeles, CA:  There are around 13,300 homeless women on the streets of Los Angeles. Abraham Lincoln University, an online law school based in LA, will be teaching an expungement clinic at Downtown Women’s Center on Skid Row in order to address this major cause of sustained homelessness: the criminal record.

Expungement can provide both hope and a practical first step toward employment, permanent housing, and resistance to crime. Professor Daniel Jung, Esq., who will be leading the clinic, says “expunging one’s record reduces the recidivism rate, which lends to access to more choices.” Participants will learn how to talk to an employer about their record, remove most misdemeanors and some felonies, and gain an understanding of the effect of a criminal record in the job hunt. Workshops will be held December 16, January 27, February 24, and March 31 from 10:00a.m. – 11:00a.m.

LA has a homeless population of 55%. Many remain homeless when they are turned away as employees and tenants because of a criminal record, and many are thwarted from improving their lives because of a one-time offense. Criminal records cover a large scope. According to the National Institute of Justice, “A new study shows that nearly one-third of American adults have been arrested by age 23. This record will keep many people from obtaining employment, even if they have paid their dues, are qualified for the job and are unlikely to reoffend.” Of almost 14 million arrests, the NIJ goes on to say, “only 4 percent were considered violent crimes.” ALU strives to tackle this difficult issue through free legal education.