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30 Jan Online Personal Injury Attorney Degree | ALU

When considering a career in the law, there are many options available. Attorneys practice is a wide array of sectors along the spectrum. Focusing on a specific practice area is one way to begin building a successful law career.

One area of the law where attorneys can focus in the United States is personal injury law. Personal injury law falls under the larger umbrella of tort law, and involves civil cases where a party seeks compensation for an injury to his or her person. Personal injury attorneys often focus in particular types of injury, be they automobile accidents, railroad accidents, airline accidents, construction or workplace accidents, and accidents caused by product liability. Personal injuries are usually physical, but can also be psychological—injuries caused by trauma.

Personal injury lawyers must prove that the defendant in the particular case is liable for the injury. Then, a judge or jury will decide upon the amount paid to the plaintiff in damages. Personal injury lawyers may work for the plaintiff’s side or the defendant’s side

There is often a negative stereotype of personal injury lawyers in peoples’ minds—the term “ambulance chaser” is derived from overzealous personal injury lawyers seeking to get rich off of the pain and suffering of others. The truth of the matter is, though, that personal injury lawyers are an important part of the legal system. They seek damages for those who have been injured, and in doing so help to deter the same sorts of injuries and wrongs from being committed again.