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debunking the myths of online learning

14 Sep Debunking the Myths of Online Learning

Online education and distance learning sometime gets a bad rap. It’s understandable that people feel hesitant when they hear the phrase “online university.” But this skepticism often comes from misconceptions about what online classrooms look like on the inside, wariness of new technology, or simply a fear of change. I’d like to go through and debunk some of the common misunderstandings that we come across as online educators, as well as pros that differentiate online...

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17 Aug Interview with Paul Young, ALU School of Law ‘07

Paul Young graduated from Abraham Lincoln University School of Law in 2007. He’s now a busy, successful attorney and private investigator with his own law firm focused on judgment enforcement. I was thrilled to talk to him about his career and his time at ALU and to bring you his bits of wisdom. What made you want to study law? I was a tradesman, a plumbing contractor, when I was a victim of embezzlement. I went from...

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10 Aug How ALU Serves Active-Military and Veteran Students

Abraham Lincoln University has always sought to serve student populations that are typically underserved by traditional institutions and brick-and-mortar universities. The needs of active-military and veteran students are a top priority for ALU. That’s why we’re so proud to say this priority was recognized and that we were listed in the top Military-Friendly Schools of 2016. Choosing a school and following through with a degree is a huge decision. Financial concerns and scheduling anxieties are bound...

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03 Aug Interview with RoseAnn Frazee, ALU ’08

I had the privilege of interviewing ALU School of Law graduate, attorney and inspiration, RoseAnn Frazee, class of 2008. Ms. Frazee passed the bar on her first try at the age of 65, but she had been studying and “practicing” law since she was 12 years old in Alaska. Ever since that first appearance in court, when her father was charged with “cruelty of animals” and she yelled at the Marshal for lying on the...

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4 Tips To Maximize Your GI Bill Benefits

06 Jun 4 Tips To Maximize Your GI Bill Benefits

4 Tips To Maximize Your GI Bill Benefits Overview: You only get 36 months of G.I. BILL benefits in most cases. The average bachelor's degree can take up to 5 years (60 months). There is a large disconnect between the idea of completing a Bachelor’s degree and the use of the G.I. BILL to do that. At the average school you won’t be able to leave with a credential using your G.I. BILL. The Fix: This is a...

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GI Bill Industry Certifications

30 May Get Industry Certifications Paid for by the G.I. BILL

Get Industry Certifications Paid for by the G.I. BILL Overview: The VA will pay for certification exams. To be more specific they will reimburse you for the cost of the test with proof of an attempt.  You can take a test as many times as you want, and the VA will pay even if you fail. The problem is that they don’t pay for test prep or the training for the test. This can cause a...

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Military Experience

23 May Complete Programs Faster by Leveraging Your Military Experience

Complete Programs Faster Overview: You have been through training and received valuable experience. Now it’s time to apply that to your degree or training credential. There are a few ways to accomplish this that do not always include just using your SMART transcript or pre assigned credit transfer on your Joint Service Training Transcript. The Fix: In addition to your earned college credits on your joint services transcript, you can also challenge courses based on your experience and non...

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G.I. BILL benefits

16 May Get an Additional 12 Months of G.I. Bill Benefits

G.I. Bill Overview: I have always found it interesting that the VA only gives 36 months of educational benefits. This is more than enough for an Associates Degree, but not enough for a Bachelor's Degree. They also limit some non credit training and have a minimum length for eligibility. In short, they do not clearly define what your G.I. BILL is to be used for. Lastly, if you run out of G.I. BILL or want to...

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How Your Family Can Use Your G.I. Bill Benefits

02 May How Your Family Can Use Your G.I. Bill Benefits Too

G.I. Bill Benefits For Your Family Overview: Under current rules, troops who serve six years and commit to at least four more can transfer their education benefits to a spouse or child to attend college. That covers tuition payments, book stipends and, in many cases, housing costs. The Veterans Affairs Department says more than 928,000 spouses and dependents used G.I. BILL funds to attend schools in the first five years that the Post-9/11 version was offered....

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Reduced Eligibility GI Bill

25 Apr Your Full Tuition Paid Even with Reduced Eligibility G.I. BILL

Reduced Eligibility G.I. BILL Overview: We have seen several veterans with less than 100% G.I. BILL usage available. This can be caused by several things but there is no solution provided by the VA. Not even the yellow ribbon program can help in this occasion. Most schools will ask the Veteran to find alternative sources of funding. The Fix: This is one of the few occasions where we can brag about ourselves a little bit. ALU has set...

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