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Online Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies

Paralegal Studies

Program Description

The Paralegal Studies program offers students the opportunity to study legal principles online at a depth that will give them a competitive edge in the paralegal field and advance their careers. Upon completion of the fifteen-course degree, students can sit for the National Association for Legal Assistants (NALA) Certificate exam. Paralegal students are given a student-account with Westlaw and our classes will help you become efficient in online legal research. Students will also take specialty courses and general education courses for a well-rounded education.

Program Objectives

Upon successful completion of the program, students will have acquired the knowledge and skills needed to:

  1. Take and pass the CLA/CP exam given by the National Association of Legal Assistants, and earn the designation Certified Paralegal / Certified Legal Assistant.
  2. Perform advanced legal research and writing tasks using online and in-person library resources for a wide variety of legal problems.
  3. Prepare and write legal memoranda, motions, and other court documents for review by an attorney.
  4. Draft interoffice memoranda for the purpose of advising or informing supervising attorneys.
  5. Edit and refine previously prepared legal documents to accommodate changes in circumstances and changes in law.
  6. Exhibit proficiency in writing letters, memoranda, and other communications in a corporate or law firm environment.
  7. Apply concepts from a wide variety of legal disciplines, as well as other disciplines such as business, mathematics, and psychology, to their assigned tasks in a law firm or corporate environment.
  8. Enter ALU’s Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies degree program without further academic preparation.

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Program Plan for Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies

SemesterCourse #Course Name Credit HoursPrereq.Core/ MajorGeneral EducationRequired Elective
1 ORT100Orientation 0 000
LGS100Introduction to Legal Profession 3 300
LGS107Contracts 3 300
LGS110Litigation and Trial Practice I 3 300
ENG160English Composition I 3 030
CMP101Introduction to Computers 3 030
Semester Credit Hours 15 960
2 LGS103Criminal Law 3 300
LGS108Legal Research 3 300
COM202Effective Prof. Communications 3 030
MAT130Concepts of Fundamental Math 3 030
LGSElective 3 300
Semester Credit Hours 15 960
3 LGS204Real Property 3 300
LGS206Business Organizations 3 300
LGS208Legal Analysis and Writing 3 300
SBS105Introduction to Psychology 3 030
LGSElective 3 300
Semester Credit Hours 15 1230
4 LGS200Administrative Law 3 300
LGS210Litigation and Trial Practice II 3LGS110300
HUM155American History I 3 030
LGSElective 3 300
OpenElective 3 003
Semester Credit Hours 15 933
Total Semester Hrs Required 60 39183
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