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Alumni Orientation Participation

Graduates of the online law degree program at Abraham Lincoln University now participate in new student orientation, explaining their experiences, going over the conveniences of and strategies for studying law online. Past alumni panel participants have included Jerry Butler, Sandra Nutt, RoseAnn Frazee, Shannon Blanchard, Mary Caruso, Greg Yacoubian and Jonathan Kramer.

Interview with Gregory G. Yacoubian – ALU alumni (Graduated 2003)

Interview with Jonathan Kramer – ALU alumni (Graduated 2001)

Interview with Dawn Alejandro – University alumni (Graduated 2013)

Interview with Timothy Johnson

    ALU Alumni On the Web

  • ALU alumnus Jonathan Kramer established an official ALU Alumni Website.
  • ALU alums also connect at the All Things ALU website, run by ALU alum Sandra Nutt.

Both websites provide news and information on ALU Alumni and events.

Abraham Lincoln University Advisory Council

ALU graduate and licensed attorney Jonathan Kramer serves on the ALU Advisory Council.

ALU is very proud to have the involvement of alumni in the Juris Doctor program. ALU Alumni gather annually for the Alumni-Student Mixer and provide ongoing students with encouragement and valuable networking opportunities.

Alumni Businesses

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